Remembering the Tagalog: A Filipino Learning Podcast

I ‘Sayaw‘ Shakin‘ Your Booty on the Dance Floor w/ JR and Blessie | RT Tagalog #26

November 10, 2021

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I am joined with JR and Blessie (@jrandblessie) who are a Filipino Comedy Duo made popular by their Tiktok Videos where they've made viral dance videos and Filipino inspired jokes. They join me as I ask them if they can put these Tagalog words into a sentence. I ask them how they all started, how they got together, and what's new with them. They are a great couple to chat with and we had tons of fun talking about anime, what Tiktoks made them viral and what's their Go-To at Jollibee, and they go to Jollibee a lot if you watch their Tiktok. Don't forget to check out their instagrams, tiktoks, youtubes, and everything here: JR AND BLESSIE SOCIAL MEDIAS

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